Welcome To My New Site

I finally sat down and completely redefined my site using WordPress with a variety of plugins. 

I realized that my site needed a complete overhaul.  

I was undecided whether to go with Adobe’s Business Catalyst or use WordPress. However, my mind was made up for me when I found out that I had to learn WordPress in order to teach a potential seminar later in the Spring. So I figured my website would be the perfect test case. I also think that Business Catalyst needs a lot of polishing and feature expansions before it will be able to successfully compete with WordPress. 

I have already preloaded a pile of themes that I will be trying from time to time including “holiday” themes. These should be fun to see when I use them. 

Please feel free to register on the site, make comments, post back and subscribe if you want. I look forward to hearing from all of you. 

Many thanks.


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