The Future of e-Books

Because of upcoming obligations I am now learning Apple’s free application: iBooks Author. What a fascinating learning experience.

Like many people today I own an Amazon Kindle (or at least I use the Kindle application on my iPad). With travel and commuting I find it a convenient way to carry and read books.  

Right after I got my first iPad I put a magazine subscription application called Zinio on it. The application came with a few sample magazines; including a complimentary copy of the then new multimedia version of National Geographic. It was, and remains, jaw dropping with videos, sound, 360-degree photographs, and animations. It took the world of National Geographic to whole new level. 

Last year Apple announced a partnership with textbook publishers about making them available on the iPad. I thought it would just be the standard textbooks in e-Book format. I was wrong!!!!

Just to see what one looked like I bought and downloaded an Algebra textbook put out by Pearson. Again, I was tremendously surprised and impressed with the use of multimedia that make mathematical concepts come alive. Further, as errors are found or concepts need to be updated, the author can update the book with the user automatically getting the updates much like any app. 

Recently a NY Times bestseller book, Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, published a separate multimedia edition for eBook readers. 

I was recently asked to be involved in a project that involves learning Apple’s iBook Author. As a result, I decided to do a course about it. I am now discovering how easy it is to assemble a book using multimedia resources. The program allows you to easily drag-and-drop videos, animations, and audio into the authoring environment. I wish I had this available when I authored the 12 books that I have done in technology. 

Because of the way the environment works it will now be easier for self-authors to publish and promote their own works. As a matter of fact, I am considering coming out with a line of  eBooks on technology. 

Subscribe to this blog. I will be publishing videos about using programs like iBooks Author. I am also planning on some videos about using WordPress. 

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